What is the correct format to upload videos to YouTube?

YouTube accepts many video formats. While there is no “correct” format for uploading videos to YouTube, there are recommended settings for optimal quality. If you use the recommended settings when creating a video to upload it, the YouTube loader will be able to convert the file to a Flash streaming video in the highest possible quality.

Aspect ratio

Videos uploaded to YouTube must be in their original aspect ratio: full screen (4: 3) or wide screen (16: 9). After converting the video the YouTube player will be able to display it properly. You should not add “black bars” to the sides of your video, as this will cause it to look like it is enclosed in a box (“window boxed” in English). This means that black bars will appear on all sides of your video.


YouTube accepts videos with resolutions up to 1920×1080. It is advisable to use this resolution if you want your video to be viewed in high definition. The YouTube video loader will automatically create lower resolution versions for users with low speed Internet connections. However, users with high-speed connections will still be able to watch your video in high resolution.

Audio formats

Audio should be encoded as MP3 or AAC, since these formats are preferred by YouTube because of their small file sizes. You can also upload videos encoded with PCM WAV audio, but the loading time will increase due to the large size of the audio track files.